2017 Liquid Architecture – Negative Volumes: Danger Magic

Woolloomooloo, NSW, Australia
13-17 Riley St
Woolloomooloo NSW 2011
Liquid Architecture - Negative Volumes: Danger Magic
6:00 pm

Liquid Architecture presents an evening of performance art exploring voice and word at Firstdraft gallery. Featuring a rare opportunity to experience (and participate in!) Dick Higgins' Danger Music series. Be afraid...

Doors and bar opens 6pm, performances start 6.30pm


Andrew Harper, Sarah Byrne, Emma Ramsay, Matthew P. Hopkins
& Geoffrey Gartner performing Dick Higgins’ Danger Music #15, #17, #24, Lecture #4

from the Liquid Architecture website:

danger magic

There are still magic words. Words of invocation and words of exhortation: words that entice, words that summon, words that compel, words that wound. There are taboo words whose unspeakability must be regularly renewed to ensure it has not decomposed. There are words beyond sense that brim with meaning. There are ways of saying words that can invest them – even the most banal of utterances – with puzzling force. And, there are rituals of bodily complicity right at the level of the sign (try saying “curse” without snarling, or “hex” without hissing).

Before the words, there is the voice (The good voice. The bad voice. Your voice). My voice, issuing from me as it speaks me, doubling back to be heard by me – both me and always beyond me. When we lose the voice and set it upon words, we make a space for listening, between the deed and the intention: a place that’s dangerous, where sound might smuggle itself in.

Dick Higgins - Danger Music #17 score
The score of Dick Higgins’ Danger Music #17






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